#trip to korea 2017

Chill Sheep

at Thanks Nature Cafe

Big Gulp

Love the NY Hotdog Coffee cup too.

Under the bridge

Typical recreation time in Seoul

Marsa Korea

The "Maritime Korea" logo (on a ship)

Urinals with a View

The bathrooms in the tower are Amazing! Crazy view.

Kimchi Science

The "Traditonal Korean" science section was great with exhibits on making kimchi, how boats and weapons were built, etc.

Fear Containment Manager

Part of an exhibit on "Future Jobs"

Science Attack!

I have no idea what the movie Alien has to do with science, but it sure is photogenic.

Mission to Mars

at Gwacheon National Science Museum

Playstation VR Boy

Sony had a demo going at the local mall and PZ finally got to try VR goggles. Much fun.


Gamcheon is an old neighborhood of small houses that's become an artist commuity.


Getting our beauty treatment on.


at Jagalchi Market


at Jagalchi Market

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