Unity in Diversity

We picked up Mira at her yoga-cooking-class at At Sivananda Ashram Yoga camp - an amazing huge complex in the Laurentians.
  1. #val-morin

Condo View

View from Dan's condo out onto the waterfront. Pretty nice.
  1. #charlottetown

Straight out of H.G. Wells

This window at Trudeau Airport had at least a hundred huge spiders who had spun a massive web together. Hard to capture it all in a photo.
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Lanterns at the Ready

The Chinese Garden lanterns are being installed for the big lantern walk. At the Botanical Gardens
  1. #jardin botanique de montreal  #montreal  #nature

Lush Island

at Mont Orford Park. View from our paddle boat.
  1. #mont orford  #nature

Coconut Ice Cream

With coconut caramel sauce and roasted caramel topping.
  1. #food cooking  #montreal  #parc lafontaine apartment

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